No, it was not a sunny day,

the light brings in nothing but disarray.

For nights are better off alone,

directing the madness,

the wind has blown.

Into starry lakes & gushing sky,

I wander.

Silence roars so loud,

the dandalions quiver and shroud.

The mountains as mighty as our lives could be,

On the first step it ends ,

never wake up as the slumber mends.

Take a step back and breathe.

The crushed chunks of trees that lay,

whom had none but the terror struck,

of mischievous lights and nasty winds,The water seemed fine,

Alas! He grinned.

Sufferings of the stone,

Oh dear!All he tried was to have a feather,

But in came the good friend fear,

Proved him he wasn’t as clever.

In I go, to the land of roses,

Hey wait! I am merrybell!

You think you are up there?

Well.The moon put on it’s best shine,

Taking a last look at himself in the still water.

The night was ready,

For the tale to unfold,

They played the game of rain and gold,

Then came the stars and told,

Do everything that is in your power,

Not you, you are a wildflower.

The walk has ended,

Or might have just started.

So tedious & painful was the journey, what did I harness?

Nothing,but, complete darkness

“Night shadows”The painting is by my favourite painter Edward Hopper, please look at more of his paintings.

By greenant07

Here to share my poems and read!❤️

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