October blues.


coldest hours of October,

icy wind sweeps across our eyes,

beginning of the final checking.

I turn around once,twice, thrice,

the motor kicks in,

breaking the thick foggy air around.

I turn around, forth!

As we move ahead,as everything does,

as the shadows get smaller and smaller.

Yes,there she is,

little,sad,angry, plastic.

Lights play hide and seek,

through thick forests and dusty roads.

Fumbling, catching her breath,

so fragile, so meek.

I see her and I don’t.

I hear familiar sounds,

of regret and of temple bells,

afraid of the horizon.

I hear them no more,

there’s a lump in my throat,

I am swimming away in the Tuonela lake,

glittery lights tormenting my frigid soul.

We approach the honking train,

my heart grew heavy and it shrank.

The station clock chimes in,

she sees me now.

I wish you weren’t a disguise,

I sail away now,

Squinting your light away

through my eyes.

Picture credit: Bikash Bhattacharjee, titled ” Boy with a golden swan”, this painting is seriously beautiful!

If you happen to read this poem, do let me know what you make of it. Thank you.

By greenant07

Here to share my poems and read!❤️

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