I am tired,

incredibly tired,
my limbs, metallic,
although, I feel, 
Notes, pictures,
lists, I went through,
all to write the 
best I could.
Sigh! What remains
is honest me,
& honest me is,
honest you.
Honest you,
because when I
hear your voice,
my breath calms.
When I hold your
hand my thoughts
I struck gold,gold
because my home
is you,
my vacation is you,
my peace is 
with you.
I would lie,
If I told you my 
nerves never 
Flicker, they did.
I would also lie
if I told you,
flicker, I wouldn’t,
had I lost your
I love you so much,
So much, 
because ‘so’,
I can never define.
How delightful,
you look!when
you move!
Delightful because,
Your lips quiver
Your teeth peeks
behind your smile,
Your hair,
Your perfect hair,
Your body,as it 
gracefully swivels
the chair, the ground
or the bed! 
Seeing you smile
is a luxury,
A luxury that,
I cannot believe
is mine,for the rest
 of my life.
Love is in between
words, pauses,
And how lucky,
I am to have 
been in your arms,
feeling every pause.
Such a beautiful
day this is,
Forever grateful,
You are all I want.

By greenant07

Here to share my poems and read!❤️


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