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October blues.

Evening, coldest hours of October, icy wind sweeps across our eyes, beginning of the final checking. I turn around once,twice, thrice, the motor kicks in, breaking the thick foggy air around. I turn around, forth! As we move ahead,as everything does, as the shadows get smaller and smaller. Yes,there she is, little,sad,angry, plastic. Lights playContinue reading “October blues.”


No, it was not a sunny day, the light brings in nothing but disarray. For nights are better off alone, directing the madness, the wind has blown. Into starry lakes & gushing sky, I wander. Silence roars so loud, the dandalions quiver and shroud. The mountains as mighty as our lives could be, On theContinue reading “Merrybell”

Crushing spirit

If I were me, I wouldn’t feel sorry for myself too. Sounds are many, Sounds are constant. Silence, laughter, chaos, crushing spirits. Why even is she here, questions limit to purpose no more. Just crushing spirits, since the time she was born. Goodness is a lie, or atleast that which she serves. Prancing,loud, fumbling, heartbeats,Continue reading “Crushing spirit”

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