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Breakup : A monologue

It’s okay, right? It’s going to be okay for you, and for me? It’s okay, right?Why is loving yourself that difficult? How do you handle your own thoughts? Sometimes I desperately need an embrace, a touch, and more than most of the times, all I get is dusted off, like a toy on shelf. A… Continue reading Breakup : A monologue


TRIGGER WARNING: SEXUAL ASSAULT,SELF HARM. It was a blue lazy afternoon,for Ginnie. Her concrete walls seemed thicker than usual, and once again she had woken up with cold sweat and fumble heartbeats. She dragged her way to the breakfast table, and poured raw milk into her cereal. Raw. As raw and still as her voluntarily… Continue reading DEMONS


I am tired, incredibly tired, my limbs, metallic, although, I feel,  italic!  Notes, pictures, lists, I went through, all to write the  best I could. Sigh! What remains is honest me, & honest me is, honest you. Honest you, because when I hear your voice, my breath calms. When I hold your hand my thoughts… Continue reading LOVE

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