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Lines of you.

I hope you like it, thanks for reading.

October blues.

Evening, coldest hours of October, icy wind sweeps across our eyes, beginning of the final checking. I turn around once,twice, thrice, the motor kicks in, breaking the thick foggy air around. I turn around, forth! As we move ahead,as everything does, as the shadows get smaller and smaller. Yes,there she is, little,sad,angry, plastic. Lights playContinue reading “October blues.”


No, it was not a sunny day, the light brings in nothing but disarray. For nights are better off alone, directing the madness, the wind has blown. Into starry lakes & gushing sky, I wander. Silence roars so loud, the dandalions quiver and shroud. The mountains as mighty as our lives could be, On theContinue reading “Merrybell”

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